Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Shamen Nostalgia

Will Sinnott dead may 1991 may he rest in peace I called him Chris

In the end of the 80´s there were a club called Electric Garden in Stockholm. A project by Harry Byrne where he let new bands play before they got well known. The set with The Shamen was very cool. At one point they had this lovely blue ligth as if a fire was set and I got the vision of a camp fire. I try ask them about this stage set moment after the gig. I was trying to find out if this feeling of sad missing was visualized by the blue light, as blue stands for the feeling of missing.

Never got any answer. As soon as discover I was really a journalist and no groupie they sent me off to the manager Michael instead.
After the gig Chris asked me if I would come to their after party, and the girl "from the year before, as Chris said when I asked him about her" told me there were no after party actually.
Ah whatever, it was sure not.
Anyway, M stayed at my place for couple of days and next night Chris called and told they had nowhere to sleep, since they only got money for one night at hotel. I offered the band to sleep in my flat and that made M to call Harry Byrne that was kind enough to put them up at his home instead.
Ancient times.
Strange thing was, when I heard one of them was dead I was sure it was Chris. And it was. Strange meetings. Not so much interaction, still connection somewhere established. Life.
Don´t know why I call him Chris. His name was Will Sinnott. He died when they made this video you saw in the beginning of this post. Sad. Indeed.

Still think Blue as a Colour is about missing for them. Since the cover of this album En-Tact, that is a kind of tribut to Will Sin as he also was called, is blue. One day I will ask, if Angus stay alive for me to be able to do so, if he another question.

Am still curious of that moment in the stage performance from back then, the first time I experienced them at Electric Garden.

I can´t find the version of The Shamen´s You Make Me Feel that was never promoted. The EP Will Syn decided to release for promo use. Right before he died. So I put up another version, by ARCHIVE that is another band I truly like a lot. Even I believe their Fuck U song is their absolute best.

Electric Garden was a kind of orangeri made of  music. The Shamen was one of  the nice treats I just stumbled upon by accident within it´s wilderness. The meeting with Chris lived in my mind for so long. As the curiosity for the purpose of  that blue light. Shamanism is special.

Well, they made Boss Drum laters and songs like this

The song is not exactly my cup of tea when it comes to music, the video is kind of cool anyway.

Another interesting thing they did was the S2 Translation. Music based on human DNA.

Still, for me they are what they were in Electric Garden. A mixture of the music from Drop album and In Gorbachev we trust.


  1. This may be what you're looking for.

  2. Cheers for this post, they were a band I liked too. Saw them a few times in 88, 89, and 90 and they were so good at that time.

    I've been hunting about for the Will Sin EP and The Shamen peel Session (June 89) think I may have trracked the Peel session down.