Friday, March 25, 2011

EBM lives in Stockholm - Pouppée Fabrikk gig!

Last time we heard them on stage live was at BodyFest in october 2010. Now Pouppée Fabrikk will perform at Fist Fight Night at Fabriken 26th of march. It's been said they will perform songs from next album coming up in a few month. As they rarely do gigs people from all over the world will come. This song was the one they break through with in Germany once. A bussload with germans came to BodyFest.
Also on stage there will be a swedish band called Ekobrottsmyndigheten, they perform with humouristic lyrics in swedish.

At BodyFest I was surprised to listen EBM in swedish and notice some poplyrics about love with some of them bands that acted. Still.. not so strange...When thinks upon this. When listen bands in another langauge you listen music, rythm and lyrics together and maybe miss this connection someway.

When I listen Deadbolt (no resamblance with EBM of course, still makes me inner jump same way emotionally) their romance is more in line with me then ordinary poplyrics. EBM gets away with such poplyrics due to the hard stomp anyway. Well - EBM with humouristic lyrics will be fun to experience. To see if they bite or not^^

SO ok.... thats me...... I see maybe other things and doesn't care genre so much when it comes to what touches me inspirationally speaking. Here is some Deadbolt for you as well..