Sunday, September 26, 2010


One afternoon I get a phone call from a long lost friend and he drops by my place with this CD. It totally chills me smiling to the ground! It gives me flashbacks to bands like In The Colonnades. The kind of music I have missed for so long! But this little album fixed my abstinence. 

Craterface is heavy, cool and mystique still yet so punkish in a way not many can do it... the special sound and feeling is .. special..

They are hard to find on MySpace so keep the link as a bookmark. Secret and mystique. Their record company has got the coolest name. Gravejuice.

Gothic enough for me.
As my friend always were.

I cant wait to see them LIVE with this. Feels like being in a dark rock n roll club when I listen this album!

It's kind of auto production but this is not noticeable. It sounds as if made in a studio.
But my friend tells me it is mostly recorded in a kitchen.

My friend tells me he is in the middle of next production right now.
And this next album will be made in a studio.
I can hardly wait.

My Sunday turned out good!

My abstinence is stilled. Long time missed sounds fills my apartment. And I am feeling great!

Best news this decade^^^^

Its an interesting little list inside the album convolute that maybe gives some clues of this mysterious band with their site in another country and with spanish quota as reference for what inspires them.

Music engineering able hands and isights provided by:

B. Gravy
N. Palmer
T. Broman
M. Attaque
H. Gostas

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Censorship SUCKS - Free ART

 iodine Jupiter
Bookcover that was cencored
by an Erotical Fair General
There is a poet in  Sweden that always manage to  provoke.
His book Dom dödas pornografi (The pornographie of them dead - free translation by  me...) had a cover with a man with a crucifux in his pants zipper. The poster for this one was censored by the Erotic Fair - next to the bookstand of Vertigo very small  females were fucked hard by big dicks on screens.....

This time.. iodine Jupiter made a book concerning Sweden being fucked by USA-freely..... its a satir....
the promovideo obviously upset someone - and they reported it to  YouTube as sex. Its no visiable sex in  this... the imagination makes this due to  the viewers own preferences... the artist is making art....

Well, since this artist got a big portion of humour... he of course responds in cool way to all this.... and is pleased someone got touch enough to react... of course...

He says:
(freely translated by me)

Where is the borderline for you?
The satir where USA is fucking Sweden arosed such joy and cheering at YouTube that they felt it necessary to  censor the long version of F**ck around the clock. Bodyparts painted in flags seems scary.

Explicit nothing is shown. Is this a question about political censorship of this parodie on USA. Or is the erotic phantasie of the censor running wild?

/iodine J
Freely translated by Nine IZ

here the original text from the artist:
Satiren där USA sätter på Sverige väckte sånt jubel att Youtube kände sig nödgade att censurera den långa versionen
av F**k around the clock. Kroppssminkande bakdelar målade som flaggor verkar otäckt.
Explicit visas ingenting. Är det fråga om politisk censur i parodin på USA. Eller den erotiska fantasin
hos censorn som skenat iväg?
/iodine J 
Note: the titel of this book mentioned above The pornographie of them dead is a travastie of an very old national hero among swedish authors btw... 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


There is a party coming up! In Stockholm!
EBM music it's called.
To me it is more!!!

Testikelbrand (No Sleep by the Machine) and Lisa Meg Pigg
arrange this the 9th of October!
Am so going there!

In my belief TINNITUS got their heirs!

The bandlist of this event is very diversed.
Front 242
Pouppée Fabrikk
Tyske Ludder
Publish Post
Stockholm Wreckin Crew
and the FestGeneral's own band
No Sleep by the Machine

Silent killing by No Sleep by the Machine

I expect beautiful audience, great feeling and
an awesome pleasure with cool music!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Purp Sage DJ Purp Best DJ I know!!!!!

Photo: Aaron Sylvan
 In USA there is a Dj so special so diversed so awesome!!!

I could travel all over the world to listen him LIVE, and I would have had IF I
had have the money^^^^ (Europe needs to batnap him as soon as possible,
he would definitely make total success!!! :P )

In this picture: DJ Purp spins at NYC's Original Multi-DJ Goth, Industrial & Wave event, ABSOLUTION!

Photo snatched from Jason Ledyard's FaceBook album^^
(It was ok, btw - I checked of course ;) )