Friday, March 26, 2010

Mass Murder Agenda

Mass Murder Agenda at Debaser Slussen STO 25th of March 2010. Great gig! And their PREMIERE GIG!! WOW Such a kick off for them as Mass Murder Agenda!!
Gig last night was AWESOME! The visual of them tv-screens with message picture of brutality in world, them drumbeats eating their way through entire me til me spine making me heart beat fast as hell, The almost theathrical performance - "almost" since the band managed to give it the feeling of danger for real - this made it the strongest experience I had for years - IF Ever.. Impressive!!!!!!!
Also the lightning with the logo glowing in it - cool detail!!!- was such nice add on to the whole perfection^^ was also areally smooth move when they left the stage and all them pictures of film still on.... that empty stage with this gave an yummy afterfeeling of death destruction angst despair. Them 30 minutes of this band were AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had to go home after this. Couldnt take no more music. I was content. Had enough in a good way. Pleasure all through with great feeling as after a really scary movie, kind of cool shocked feeling all through. GREAT!!!!

Mass Murder Agenda
contains of Joakim Hedestet (ex Face Down ex Construcdead) Martin Sundberg (ex Sexydeath), Tristan Agdler (ex NIL Machine), Henrik Blomqvist (ex Face Down) and Christoffer Barkensjö (Construcdead, Face Down, Kaamos)

Debaser Slussen is one of them coolest rock clubs in Stockholm, Sweden.
It´s suited at the water next to the channel where ships and boats go through when changes sea, makes me wonder if ppl sometimes fall into this when drunk.. its in the harbour in middle if city.. Small, kind of dirty feeling, with a square outside for people to smoke at..(YEAH - you may bring your drinks outside-its almost as before the smoking prohibition time -) dark walls feeling inside... good athmosphere in a simple way - it´s a rock club area for sure..smoothest place in this town..for me... when listening concerts in Stockholm. You find this at Karl Johans Torg at Slussen just next to Gamla Stan.

/Nine IZ

Friday, March 12, 2010

iodine Jupiter Release the 26th of March

The 26th of March iodine Jupiter releases the new book "Fuck around the clock" a satiric view upon our world of Sweden. His creations is always sharp as hell, this time he is letting the readers see the humour that is always there more clear.

He kicks the world in its ass a way not so many are even getting close to.. check the and see the trailer of the promo video made for this book and you get the idea....

iodine Jupiter ger ut en ny bok "Fuck around the clock".
Jag har sett bitar ur promotion videon för boken, den e hård. Ska definitivt gå på releasepartyt fredag 26 mars på Strand i Stockholm. Ska bli otroligt kul att läsa tidningarnas recensioner ^^ men framförallt ska det bli^skojigt o se vilka reaktioner han väcker denna gång i medierna^^ han får alltid folk att känna nåt vad han än väljer för pinne att peta på våra döda sinnen med....