Sunday, July 25, 2010

DROP DEAD FESTIVAL - Stockholm went batcave and more for one night

Stockholm went goth for one night a´la Drop Dead festival! It was good music and lots of old rockers came out of their batcaves to breathe again some of the darkness not so often provided these days!

NYC Polina Y and Daniel Triangle from 

Drop Dead Magazine  I read their magazine and its cool to see something like this again. Good texts with substance and of interest.

Well, the party....

The girl that makes it happen. Polina Y and the guy that makes it happen together with her, Daniel Triangle.

Moulin Noir went on  stage at midnight sharp. Here is some photos made with not so excellent equipment.

Maya de Vesque and Anders Karlsmark made a goth experiment this evening. She was singing opera aria out from a lyricsbook. Last song was a goodnightsong. The guitarist was moving so quickly and energetic that could not make him stand still in the photo^^

Awesome evening at Sugar Bar.

Wants more?? well, I might make a blog in my Aftonbladet blogg in  swedish. And IF some paper buys the story I tell you where to  read this. ahm.. forgot to mention the darkblooded musiclovers that provided this clubnight for Drop Dead in Stockholm, DJ Avreagera and DJ IGGOF. Well, read the wonderful flyer and you know it all^^ and yes... I missed the first band since didnt arrive till midnight.