Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mass Murder Agenda´s latest video is here

So cool!!!

The video is awesome.

And strong message.

Love the makeup!!!!

They all look cruel and fantastique beautiful!!

Am especially pleased about the fact Martin is wearing the pentagram the right way^^ Yeah Martin!!! Du håller stilen^^ Alltid!!! /Nineiz

Jocke e brutal som vanligt och Tristan passar fantastiskt i den sminkningen.

jaja... ska inte skriva mer här..jag gör en ny blogg istället.

That was mine feelings when I saw it^^

It´s so cute in them comments space when the girl sitting in the corner tells she hates rock. She is the baby sister to one of the members... or rather the twin.. If I got the information right from the comments space.

Just had to show you. They are creative and they will become in everyones ears soon me guess, all over this globe.

Diversed and still hard as hell. Very special brewd they are these guys^^

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Drop Dead in Berlin

Another reason to go to Berlin. Soon. Drop Dead Festival 2011 is happening there in beginning of september. Butterclock will be performing.