Friday, November 13, 2009

Fotomässan 2009 - Photography Art Fair Stockholm

When you see a gothic vampire in a photo and then a Lolita next to this.. You check again.... then you notice the little teddybear in his hand and that the girl is none... makes you think..... age is but a number still it seems to affect the way we reflect stuff....

The Art fair of Photo in Stockholm (13nov-15nov 2009)was really an explosion of equipments, seminars in open floor as well as lots of mind trips - journeys that made you think, journeys that made you feel sick and journeys that was just nothing more then pure beautyful.

It all started off for me by their advertisement in them free papers at the tube stations... black background white text commercial with Albert Watson´s gorgious gorilla model posing in cool ways. Same monkey man pictures was in the YouTube.. in the television commercial.. At the train to the Art fair there was this black woman with very red tounge and in devils hornes tempting me from them walls.

Albert Watson himself attended the exhibition by his website at the computer next to his photos telling about his work.

Him and Vee Spree and Joel-Peter Witkin are the first out at the new museum of photo art called "Fotografiska" that will open 2010 in may in Stockholm.

Here we got a preview of the exhibition Life, Death and Fashion.

Vee Speers Birthday party (Life) really rocked.... if you ever saw a chocolate cake smashed into someone behind of the leg as she lays on the table as after smashed out sex after a good party.... well.. Vee lets us experience this party from the baking of the cake into the most vengenues alterations of fantazie with these photos^^

Joel Peter Witkin (Death) asks us whats normal with his beautyful pictures of all kinds of beings.. the hermaphrodite has its gender in white charcoal but still visible as lies there in such sensual gesture as the queen of venus herself or the queen of bacchus perhaps...

Albert Watson (Fashion) takes this term of fashion to new perspective with his monkey man for sure... this gorilla model really seems to like his job a lots and looks cool as hell.... bit scary it gets when the gorillas hand is grabbing a gun ready to shoot... makes me think of The planet of Apes movies.

Them photos of Athina Strataki in "Iam half-sick of Shadows, said the lady of Shalott" truly showed me some sensual aspects of what victorian inspired dresses could be in deligth of, and makes me wonder if its same as with them scottish kilts.. we are not supposed to wear anything under them...? **smilez**

Gerhard Jören confused me with his "First Deadly Sin" since I don´t get this one, it is about prostitution?? Got me curious.... same as with Marcus Bleasdale...from Kongo.. why show people from this part of the world always as some kind of djungle people from some old times.... but maybe he is just showing them as them live, said one of me followers to the exhibition...hmmm... still made me bit upset..but that´s good.. made me confront me own expectations and prejudices... Severus Tenenbaums "Suspected emotions" made me confront other aspects of mine thoughts.. seems to make pictures of ordinary people making them look as celebrities ;)

The photo of them rknrl pinguins rocked!!!!! There are this group of orange pinguins with red eyes and feathers on the head in cruel style looking like hooligans or rock´n´roll band people! Loved this picture.... it was at them birds picture scene so guess its Brutus Östlings picture.. am not sure though^^¨Surely.. the eye of the photographer and your own mind makes the picture^^

Galleri[KG52] took me on a mind trip about camping holidays^^ Saw people party, kissing, snuggling.. the old couple was kinda cool... made me think.. why is it so impossible for me to think of old ppl snuggling.. them needs this too.. dont them.... to be wild and drunk and horny and in love maybe...the young couples I reflected but still them did not affect me.. hmm once again....... made me think mine own condemnation over again...
The exhibition is called "From back home" and the photo book them came from is the winner of 2009 years photo books, if am correctly informed. Could not look inside this book... them were all sealed.. maybe all them pictures on them walls was all the content of this.....

The Photo Fair "Fotomässan" is planning to be one of them biggest in the world, right now them claims to be the biggest in northern Europe. It has already grown from being a rather small thing at The Factory in south of Stockholm to this big event of expected 37000 visitors in only 4 years. From 9000 to 12000 to 17000 to this... so maybe them will get there...

I find it rather amazing the fact about the Museum of Photo told at this fair. Its quite strange there has not existed a photo museum before.... lots of exhibitions is always going on in this town.. even stranger photo art fairs then this one... still... there´s been none Museum of Photo ....well, Now its gonna be.... 2010.

Its none coincident of strange this event takes place right now.. its in time for x-mas shopping for the northern´s of Europe... someones near and dears might get lucky and find a nice camera or else equipment in their presents - half of the fair contains business with this.... they seems to have thought this over carefully and made a smart marketing plan... them Jan och Per Broman. And Yes.. them are also behind the Museum of Photo.. "Fotografiska".

Fotomaessan Photo Fair

Albert Watson

Vee Speers

Joel-Peter Witkin