Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Fields of Nephilim

Last time I saw  Fields of The Nephilim was in London, at Shephards Bush 2008. Audience was with long rocks in leather and black hairs of old goths, the feeling almost ceremonial in the surrounding, everyone excited in serious mode. It was like a grand meeting of Nephilims all through.

This time it is in Stockholm, at Debaser Medis 2013.
Audience of Stockholm is the toughest crowd any artist could go up to. They linger in reptile mode, very closed, watching between halfclosed eyes of soul and mind, awaiting. There is no cheering as at a football game or a festival, if they love you they do. If they don't they say nothing. Some old goths are around, many actually, there is also some strange party crowd. They even clap hands to get the thing going during the concert, which is met with cold stare from the "real nephilim audience".

Organizer obviously has no clue of what they have booked. And a sunday night is worst eve of the week. Mostly everyone is hang overed. Of the club ppl anyway.

Expectations is high among the huge Fields of Nephilim fans, you can almost touch the feeling in the air.

Carl McCoy does his ordinary check up of the audience by wandering around a bit amongst us right before the concert, but as usual not many realizes it is really him.

Stage gets smoked down, lights shine bright upon the redish of the banderools that looks like cut out of wood. It is very beatiyful. Carl starts of by giving us some tunes of the new material. He stand with hands crossed over the microphone, bowed as if gathering energy before the music starts, and then there off we go. Feeling is confusion.

The sound is not the best, the teqnician or the equipments needs to get kiked.

Fields of The Nephilim, Stockholm 2013. Photo: NineIZ
For every tune Carl seems more and more irritated. He gets no contact with the audience. Not the way he needs. He seems to sigh and then gives us some old tunes and the audience responses immediately which gives him little bit of new hope maybe.

At the end of the concert he chants and it levitates, he pours out his own energies towards us and at least me is giving back what can be given. It is the feeling of  lifting from the ground on the inside. After he say thanks.

Every new material tune is starting off with little bells clinging as in a ceremony and McCoy clenching at the microphone stative gathering energie. It is as if we hear two concerts same concert. Very distinct what is from new material and what is not.

Tunes are like spring water from mountains rather then the dark flood from the sky am used to with them.

I get the feeling of to be somewhere after a funeral.

Don't know what he's been through lately, but it is as if he went back from the desert to see us again.

When he finish off I am not sure if this is AFTER or not.
Will he still be there. Will he leave. For ever.

The real thing happends after the concert for me.

The next days am been given signs of different kinds accompanied by the memory of Fields of Nephilim tunes inside me and it feels as if am in a chanted athmosphere given by Carl to me.
It's almost as if a gift is being received.

Whatever ceremony he did put us through it worked, that is for sure.

Today I keep hearing Last exit for the lost inside me and just had to write this review.